January 10, 2023


Caesarean section is the source of many problems and risks related to the newborn’s health condition.

The probability of transient respiratory disorders increases in a child.

A very deep cut can also cause a cut on the child’s body.

The risk of asthma development increases in a child.

The risks of allergic rhinitis and food allergies are increasing.

The absence of colonization of the child’s intestinal flora is observed, which should have occurred with lactobacill in the mother’s vaginal flora.

Research states that the risk of overweight or obesity in those born with cesarean section increases by 40% due to the special composition of intestinal flora.

Caesarean section increases the risk of pre-diabetes and diabetes in old age by 58%.

The best way for the child has already been created by nature. Mothers have everything to nurture the child with full immunity and to give birth. We must give the child all these advantages at all possible times.

– With love MOM team