January 10, 2023


Caesarean section is a pediatric surgery during which the baby is taken out of the mother’s uterus by a cut on the wall of the uterine.

Like all other surgeries, caesarean section has dangers and complications.

Acute bleeding is possible and can necessitate a blood transfusion.

Infectious complications of wounds can occur.

Problems with anesthesia can result in anaphylactic shock.

Accidental damage of organs located near Argand (e.g. bladder) can occur.

There is also increasing the risk of infertility and stillbirth.

Furthermore, there are strict restriction of physical activity after surgery for at least 2 weeks (don’t drive, avoid stairs), so returning to normal life takes place gradually and within months. This may include unexpected pains, intestinal spasm, and swelling.

Caesarean sections will result in a post op scar.

There is increasing the risk of postural abnormalities of the fetus during the C-Section births.

Cesarean section is not the best option for childbirth. It should be prescribed only in case of strict instructions so as not to endanger the life of the child and the mother.