For months, there has been a blockade cutting Artsakh off from necessary resources and supplies. Many Armenians have suffered, but mothers in particular have faced panic, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future. Without proper nutrition and deprived of fruits and vegetables, moms are facing malnutrition during pregnancy and lactation. While government officials and international organizations are trying to solve logistic issues, the MOM center created an ad hoc committee and immediately took action to support breastfeeding mothers. Our team of professionals were even able to assist mothers who had weaned their babies to restart lactation (relactate) in the face of baby formula shortages.

Artsakh MOM will be a safe heaven for moms in these times of crisis, providing help through professionals from the Diaspora, Armenia, and Artsakh in the form of mom-to-mom support groups, childbirth preparation, lactation, psychological counseling, and more.