January 13, 2023


Natural birth is one in which the physiological process of birth is maintained with minimal medical interventions.

Oxytocin injection, epidural anesthesia, or urinary bladder examination are not necessary interventions in natural birth.

WHO reminds: “Normal childbirth, if it is low risk, requires only a thorough screening of birth that can detect early signs, complications. It requires no intervention, just encouragement, support and a little tenderness”

Natural childbirth also implies free choice of woman’s posture and movements.

The “standard position” of childbirth is the lying position during which the uterus presses blood vessels with its weight, disrupts blood flow in the lower part of the body.

Standing or squatting are the positions that are most suitable for a woman, but not for doctors. This position is more simple, fast, light movement, is a source of additional strength, of course under the supervision of a doctor specializing in vertical birth.

Water Birth offers soothing, pain relieving property and spending the first stage of childbirth in water is a good option.

And of course, the best type of natural birth is carried out without any pain relief and stimulants, with the immediate support of moral, psychological support from a doula.

– With the love of the MOM team