January 20, 2023


There are natural and synthetic nutrients and vitamins.

Natural nutrients are obtained from whole food sources of the diet.

Natural whole foods can help manage and prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer.

Synthetics are usually artificially produced in an industrial process.

They do not include “whole food supplements”, they are made from condensed, dehydrated foods.

They “simulate” the effect of natural nutrients in our body.

To find out if the additive used is synthetic or natural, check the label.

Natural supplements usually contain a list of food sources from which they are made or indicate 100% vegan or animal products.

The additives on which the label list the chemical names of the source of extract, e.g. ascorbic acid, or the nutrients vitamin C,

They are almost synthetic no doubt.

Complete nutrition during pregnancy is crucial for both the health of the woman and the child’s growth and development. The mother must ensure the growth of the baby not at the expense of her own resources, but by proper nutrition.

– With the love of the MOM team