November 5, 2022


What is a pregnancy identification

I highly value this topic reflection in our “Mother Center” social platforms, because I want not only the beautiful, tender aspects of motherhood to be normalized and voiced out, but the whole palette of emotions, where there are not only beautiful, comfortable, safe experiences. Not only positive experiences a woman has during pregnancy since learned. Usually, a woman is forced to silence her negative emotions, feel guilty and not a good mother, and in fact, most, if not all, women experience this.

Having negative experiences about the fact of pregnancy, the process and the postpartum period doesn’t mean that women don’t want to have children or aren’t happy about the news. Eventually, they adapt to a new, irreversible reality. with a sense of humor, in response to which the corresponding emotions arise.

A woman can plan pregnancy and at the same time have double experiences related to the fact of confirmation: happiness, fear, danger, anxiety… A big event is about to happen in his life that will bring many beautiful changes, turning his life upside down.

For the modern woman, the fact of pregnancy makes a big difference in her life because the expectations she often tries to meet without questioning are not only about beautiful motherhood, educating generations and giving birth, but this ball which is about its successful development, professional development and integration with many different social roles also. Along with this, the whole pregnancy identification process can be affected and the woman’s mental burden increases. She must co-exist and succeed in all areas, including motherhood.

The fact is that any negative experience related to pregnancy knowledge cannot negatively impact the development of a child, because these are experiences of identifying a woman with the knowledge and confirmation of pregnancy.

In fact, we know that identification with pregnancy does not come from those 2 lines, or the positive responses to hormonal tests, but feeling the first game of the baby. This is the moment, that solid confirmation, when you realize that there is life inside you.

Any news in a person’s life brings with it a need to adapt to that news at the beginning. In the first trimester of pregnancy, often many women experience this adaptation period, integrating the fact of pregnancy into their lives. Fact This is great especially during the first pregnancy.

Studies have shown that pregnant women, aborting women, and mothers with children of different ages, the moment of pregnancy is so imprinted on the memory that no matter how long ago, a woman is all about it. Prumner survives seamlessly. Those experiences speak directly to the importance of pregnancy for the mother. and on the many aspects of motherhood.

8 types of experiences related to pregnancy identification can be distinguished, which we will refer to in our next posts.

To be continued . . . .


Tatev Hovhannisyan
Perinatal Psychotherapist