November 5, 2022


Who are doulas?

To define, dulas are supportive people around women’s birth.

Where do pregnant women usually get support from?

  • The father of the child,

  • Relatives,

  • Friends,

  • Other pregnant women or mothers,

They get professional support.

  • Baby pillow case

  • Gynecologists

  • Pediatricians

  • KK consultant

  • Sleep Specialist

  • School for pregnant women

  • Yoga teacher

  • Other specialists

What does a doula do that the supporters listed above don’t?

Originally, the word doula comes from the Greek word doulē, which translates as a female helper, servant or beggar.

The word doula nowadays, which has been in use in recent decades, describes birth support individuals. Doulas are birth doula and postpartum doula.

Currently, the Institute of Dulas is still established in Armenia. We can say with joy that the presence of dulas in several maternity wards in Yerevan is desirable. There are dulas that have been supporting women in Yerevan for several years. Our center He also does active lighting activity in this direction.

Doulas provide a woman with information, emotional and physical support before childbirth, during and after childbirth.

Information assistance.

Pregnant women usually have many questions during pregnancy, for which doctors with busy schedules usually don’t have time. Doula stays in constant contact with her, answering all the disturbing questions embracing Evidence-based medicine. Being natural birthwives, dulas never dictate their ideas and approaches, but provide. with information, leaving the decision to the woman.

Հ Emotional support.

During pregnancy, a woman may have a variety of fears, strange-seeming thoughts, which when expressing them does not exclude criticism. Doula creates a trusted environment where a woman can express her emotions, fears, thoughts, where he won’t be criticized, he won’t underrate. He lifts his woman, encourages him, accepts her. any decision. Shower her with maternal care during childbirth so the woman can focus on the process, feel protected and safe.

Do you remember what you thought about during pregnancy? Will you share?

Physical assistance.

A doula offers birthing postures, breathing exercises, sound (building noises made during tapping, not yelling, or screaming), pain relieving presses and massages.

In all stages of the birth he is next to the mother, showing continuous support.

Experience and research show that the presence of a doula can dramatically improve birth outcomes. For example, a doula may contribute to a reduction in birth interventions, including c-sections. by about 50% of it.

What does a woman get as a result of this support in general?

Self confidence, self confidence, self esteem, and self esteem,

Belief in one’s own strengths,

An opinion about the childbirth process

It is possible to make a choice being informed,

Unconditional support.

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